So Strong

by Ali Dahesh

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All the tracks on this album were created in the span of 8 months at Observatory Records. This all happened during a time I was regaining my strength after some living transitions and health issues.
In the midst of all the noises, these special songs naturally blended together as a reminder to keep going no matter what!, we all have so much to deal with and also so much to give in this life, so explore this world and do your best to help one another and keep in mind that self healing is essential to all that's connected. .There is a lot of important messages in this album, heartfelt songs, Who Knows...So thank you in advance for taking the time to listen to this..Peace and Blessings!

As I begin my next steps and journey in my life, I always have my family from every extension reminding me to be "SO STRONG" no matter were I go, and what I do. With every step I take, everyone of you I've met throughout my lifetime is with me. Angels are all around us, meditate. I'm Blessed!.

Respect and love to Jakub Evolved for aligning the energies and being an amazing brother in my life during this time and prior...So much love to DJ Billy Bishop for unifying the crew and becoming one of my closest homies in life, we did it.... Also big love to Wax Monk for teaching me more than I can say, your soul definitely shines young brother, very proud of your accomplishments.
Each one welcomed me into their homes, hearts and souls..and together we did that for many others that entered through our doors..thus elevating us to create some memorable tracks, reminisce on some great times, and build such a powerful bond...we are all healing, this is just the beginning.
Also thank you to my brothers Unknown Mizery, and Kalki for being part of this project and being couple of my biggest influences in my poetic life...and everyone else that had a huge impact on me, you all know who you are from my infinite brother Kasseb and allt he Rasta Farsi family, to my young brother Aktu El Shabazz...KIDS... ATAK,..Jeff Grant of Salt Spring Island and so on...all the brothers and sisters in the different movements we've shared....Thank you to all communities....the list can go on forever with everyone I've met, to all the hip hop heads around the world, much respect...
and of course huge love to my parents and siblings that have always. supported my choices in life.
Also my love and prayers with all the innocent children that have been faced with destruction of war and violence, this is dedicated to all the children that never got the chance to escape the tragedies and robbed of a full life. RIP. I live for you all, it is my duty to give back this gift I've been granted with so that I can find a way to make a big impact with positive change and LOVE!....THE ROAD to THE PILGRIMAGE has begun! Peace!


released April 19, 2016

Observatory Records
Ali Dahesh Music



all rights reserved


Ali Dahesh Vancouver, British Columbia

Peace, Love and Freedom!

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